Product and Services

DEBRAVID SOLUTIONS Ltd. specialize in customer service consultancy and customers intelligent services such as market analysis and survey, Customer relationship Management (CRM), Customer Satisfaction Survey, Customer Care Training, custome care software solutions etc.

DEBRAVID SOLUTIONS offers the following services:

Our Services are suitable for all cadres of Corporate Business, Banks, Hotels, Restaurants, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Human Resource Managers, and Government Organizations

Below is brief description of what each of these services entails. For detailed information of what these services offer

customer-satisfaction-surveyWe offer Customer Service consultancy, which provides Customer Intelligence, Customer management techniques, and customer relationship management consultancy to clients.

Our Customer Service Consultancy includes Market Survey Analysis, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Social Media Monitoring, Comprehensive Performance Assessment, Customers Service Packaging / Branding.  Click Here to Read More

DEBRAVID SOLUTIONS LTD offers clients with software solutions to deal with their customer care system.

We provide customer care software solution for our clients to mange and understand their customers better.

We provide bespoke software solution that specifically suits the request of our client.  Click Here to Read More


We offer Professional Customer Care Training to build and enhance customer service culture.

We provide professional Customer Care Training to individual, corporate businesses and government organizations to improve and develop the customer service culture of the individual and organization. Our training range from General Customer care Training (e.g. Introduction to customer care) to customized Top Management training (e.g. Customer Intelligence Analytics). Click Here to Read More