About Us

about-us-pageDEBRAVID SOLUTIONS is a firm that renders customer intelligence services by measuring the quality of service provided and also gather accurate information about products and services to meet our clients’ demanding needs.

This measurement uses tools such as mystery shopping, market survey analysis, comprehensive performance assessment, customer satisfaction survey and social media monitoring.

We provide Customer Care Training programs and seminars to enlighten and build customer relationship skills for top level managers, customer care personnels and all employees.
We specialize in the following products:

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Market Survey Analysis
  • Customer Care Training
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Customer Service Consultancy
  • Customer Service Software Solution
  • Comprehensive Performance Assessment

DEBRAVID SOLUTIONS provides these services to a vast range of businesses such as banks, hotels, fast-food chains, FMCG, wholesale retailers, retail store with multiple outlets, electronic companies, consumer goods shops, corporate organization, multinationals and government parastatals.

Poor customer satisfaction takes its attributes from lack of commitment by the employee, lack of professionalism, ignorance, complacent behavior, inefficiency, low morale, lack of motivators or hygiene factors or dearth of required training. Poor customer satisfaction has paid its fair share in the decline of individual products and services. It has created a huge loss, in some cases bankruptcy and has prevented the introduction of more innovative products and services. Thus, customer satisfaction, market survey & market analysis should constantly be re-evaluated and monitored for both existing and future goods & services.

We provide these services to companies to analyze the impact of employees’ attitude on the level of satisfaction consumers, and customers derive from utilizing a product or services. Some companies practice these services internally, but we offer a professional, objective and external perspective of how consumers react and the impact of their behavior on the performance of the products in the market.